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Of course, even they are beaten in jerkassery by Fate In fact, every other Olympian is a Jerkass of some sorts save for Athena until the end of the third game , Hephaestus and perhaps Hades who by the third game has plenty of reasons to hate Kratos.

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The Values Dissonance between modern culture and mythology is also given a few subtle nods, the most obvious of which is that, by the "God" sourcebook, the official sample Aztec character is depicted as disgusted by and disdainful of his native pantheon. Unfortunately, this tends to involve killing lots of people, binding souls into eternity for the hell of it, causing natural disasters by fighting and manipulating everyone into wars.

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One short story that takes place after Elspeth 's death shows that Ajani Goldmane, while shacking up with others of his kind, begins to foment a movement among the mortals against the gods. They promised to return to life Scorpion's clan in exchange for service, but resurrected them as the undead.

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He even shoots down the suggestion that they kill the slavers and steal the ship. End of absolute property rights.

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Israel, through the neo-cons, controls the U. It we are not alone, theists will praise God for creating so bountiful a universe, while atheists will ridicule human uniqueness as archaic self-deception. Pretty much the entirety of Gary Numan 's musical catalogue from the album "Sacrifice" onwards has dealt with his own image of God's cruelty, His servants' horrid actions and the barren, dead wasteland that is heaven. I would be surprised if most organized religions would not be able to embrace other intelligent civilizations in the universe. We do not apologize.
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