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After a later mission to defend a Leafar convoy as it came under attack from Imperial forces, the Leafar provided information that the TIE Avenger's new shield technology was being adapted for larger vessels, with a Corellian corvette reportedly next to receive the technology. Interrogation of the captured officers revealed that Rebel attacks had reduced the task force's frigates to a single ship—the Juvaini.

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This all changed however when the Empire, alleging that the residents of Tondatha had been plotting against Emperor Palpatine , destroyed the town with an orbital bombardment.

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Meanwhile, a small Republic force positioned mines along the Yuuzhan Vong's escape vector, placing an interdiction field to pull them out of hyperspace into the mines when they tried to flee. However, they soon learned that the Imperial attack had been a diversion while the Empire kidnapped the Sullustan leader and Farlander was again called into action during the subsequent rescue.

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The Rebels soon began to deploy the new B-wings to the Alliance Fleet , and Farlander worked with Luke Skywalker to get the new fighters operational, starting by replacing the aging Y-wings of Blue Squadron aboard the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Maria , and later helping to ensure their safe delivery to the cruiser Cathleen. The tainted grain delivery convinced the Emperor that Ghorin was a traitor and he was soon executed by Darth Vader. However, a comm display could appear during the battle, displaying Farlander's face.
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  1. Finally, Farlander flew a B-wing in an assault on the Relentless itself. Taking the form of a dream in which he was in a large, glowing sphere, Farlander described hearing two opposite voices and not knowing which he should listen to.

  2. As the fighting near Zonama Sekot intensified, three Yuuzhan Vong battle groups moved from Muscave to strengthen their forces. A solution to the food shortage soon appeared possible when Imperial Overlord Ghorin of the Greater Plooriod Cluster claimed to have grown sympathetic to the Rebellion and entered negotiations to supply them with grain.