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In " The Lazarus Experiment ", the weird scorpion monster that Professor Lazarus transforms into is said to be an evolutionary possibility that humanity rejected long ago but has remained locked in the genes, or something along those lines. Most cattle appreciate being hosed with cool water on hot, steamy summer days. Not to mention the entire idea of a genetic mutation causing things such as the ability to control the weather

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Unfortunately for her, Anthony paid attention in biology, and that coupled with the baby's darker skin tone tipped him off that the baby's not his.

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They also have noses more like a dog's, though it's most likely ground sloths had pig-like noses since both 3-toed and 2-toed sloths have them.

Artistic License – Biology

Also the fact his immune system didn't attack the whole gang right from the start. In The Matrix , Agent Smith gives a Breaking Speech on how humans are viruses, because they don't instinctively develop an equilibrium with their environment like other mammals and instead breed until they can't support themselves and have to move on. In Resident Evil , the Red Queen explains that zombification works by exploiting the cellular activity that continues after death, supporting the idea by stating that hair and nails continue to grow after death.

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In one John M. After his accident, Max says that he has so much radiation in his body that he is probably irradiating people in close proximity. Averted in Inheritance , where the irradiated Vroengard is full of mutants, suggesting Hollywood nuclear physics, but it is in fact a magical effect. University of Illinois The Langoliers! Yep, these adorable little babies are basically closet crocodiles.
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  1. The other sandwiches and fries showed signs of decay and mold before accidentally getting thrown out, while the food from McDonald's was virtually unchanged the entire time, with the implication that they're artificial to the core and pumped with preservatives.

  2. In case the visual sign isn't enough, a ladybug will ooze its own rancid, toxic body fluids into a predator's mouth, something researchers refer to as " reflex blood ," and something we refer to as "ewwwww.