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While carrying a load of rocks in the mine, she was accosted by the mine's foreman for dropping rocks, and was saved from being beaten by the intervention of a mysterious woman. We can convince her to stop and go to jail peacefully Paragon or she will break free and we can shoot her in the back as she runs away Renegade.

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She chafed at having her talents wasted on mere research and deemed herself field-ready, but Miranda revealed she knew about Rasa's clandestine and repeated efforts to access Lazarus Project files. Caelestine Caelestine 4 years ago 9 Normally, I would shoot her.

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A turian C-Sec cop held her up for public intoxication, disbelieving her claim that she was poisoned or drugged. More Blue Suns swarmed the scene, forcing Jack to make everything in the vicinity fly. He asked her why she chose to join Cerberus.

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I think they're funnier than Shepard. At the end of the interview, Rasa informed Leng to confirm that it was the geth that attacked the colony, which Captain Anderson failed to enter in his report. Leng had her convinced they were both in serious trouble after the last debacle, but those fears were quelled when she heard that much of the intel she gathered on Shepard had been invaluable to the project. Rasa's knowledge about the Lazarus Project grew to dangerous extents as her desk job stint went on, enough to attract Miranda's suspicions. Rasa begged the biotic to stop as she clung on one hand, but Jack was set on killing everyone.
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